Evelle product facts


Evelle is produced in two box sizes with respectively 60 tablets and 180 tablets. An Evelle box with 60 tablets and is sufficient for a month's consumption. The product contains various plant extract with bio-active isoflavonoids, natural carotenoids, Bio-Marine Complex and selected vitamins and minerals. 


Recommended Daily Intake:
Two tablets daily, with a meal.

Content pr. daily dose:

  • 60 mg of Vitamin C
  • 10 mg Vitamin E
  • 160 µg Biotin
  • 50 µg Selenium (SelenoPrecise)
  • 7.5 mg zinc
  • Bio-Marine Complex (Deep Sea fish)          
  • Horsetail extract            
  • Tomato extract                
  • Blueberry extract            
  • Extract of French maritime pine


Tablet filler: Mikrocrystalline cellulose, Bio-Marine Complex (extract of Deep-sea Fish), Horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense L.), Tomato extract (Lycoperssicum aesculentum), Blueberry extract (Vaccinium myrtillus L), extract of French maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) Mineral sources: Zinc gluconate, SelenoPrecise® (patented selenium yeast)  Vitamin sources: Ascorbic acid, dl alpha tocopheryl acetate, d-a-tocopheryl acid succinate. Coating agents: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, talc. Coloring agents: Titanium dioxide, lutein, mixed carotenes, Anticaking agents: Silica, magnesium salts of fatty acids Flavoring agent: Vanillin.